Spa Body Treatments

Antioxidant Body Scrub - Raw Cane Sugar with Vitamin E

Our body scrubs polish the skin’s surface without disruption of its delicate balance. Your spa mixologist will select a personalized body scrub for an ultra-restorative full body exfoliation and hydration for the skin. This antioxidant rich scrub will regenerate skin and leave it glowing and velvety soft. Treatment includes body scrub with essential oil, shower, moisture application, scalp, hand and foot massage.

60 minutes, $125

Detoxifying Mud Treatment - Volcanic Ash with Neem

Mud purifies and detoxifies for a renewed sense of wellbeing and also restores hydration to the skin, while healing and soothing inflammation. As you are cocooned, in relaxation, your body will be immersed in the purifying properties of mud and minerals, from the Earth. This treatment includes a foot soak, dry body brushing, mud masque, head and scalp massage, shower and hydrating lotion application.

90 minutes, $150

Signature Jade Body Wrap* - Choose HydraNourishing or Detoxifying

This East Asian herbal body wrap is like no other. The unique formulation of Jade powder and herbs works to rejuvenate and nourish the skin as it rebalances and revitalizes the entire system. Discover the secret of Jade therapy. This cell awakening treatment includes dry body brushing, herbal jade body wrap, head and scalp massage and moisture application.

75 minutes, $135

Tension Release Treatment*

For those desiring a more focused treatment to release the tension around the head and neck along with those busy hands and our feet that carry us through the day. Foot soak – Tension release for head/scalp, arms/hands, legs/feet.

60 minutes, $115  ||  For two (side-by-side): $230


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that utilizes universal life force energy to bring about deep relaxation and balance. It provides new vitality as it flows where needed. This process helps to restore and strengthen the whole system – mind, body and spirit – for total wellbeing.

60 minutes, $90

Reading of the Moment

Let an expert guide you to a higher level of understanding of your life path. Experience the clarity and insightfulness that comes from only positive affirmations and direction from an angel card reading. Experience on your own or bring a friend.

60 minutes, $90  ||  Reading with a friend, 90 minutes, $130

The Awakened Spirit

Combination Reiki & Reading
Journey into yourself as you take time for renewal and balance of the mind, body and spirit. This energy work package includes a gentle Reiki treatment and finishes with an insightful reading of the moment providing positive affirmations and inspirations.

2 hours, $175

*Warning: Treatments involving body wraps are not recommended for people who are pregnant or have high blood pressure, diabetes, history of fainting or are on certain medications. All prices subject to change.

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