Art Walk at Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort

Take a walk through scenic Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, an inspiring landscape of art and nature

Our mission is to provide a year-round retreat where nature, performing arts, recreation, and healthful dining inspire reverence for earth's life-giving wellspring. - Harriet Bullitt

Our magnificent natural setting in the Cascade foothills continues to inspire artists of all kinds whose works are woven into the fabric of the Sleeping Lady experience. Sleeping Lady's walking tour provides a comprehensive view of works by professional artists and local craftspeople that contribute to the beauty of our buildings and surroundings. Enjoy the diversity of human creative expression of all kinds - as you explore our collection, indoors and out. 

Art, Exploration, Inspiration

"There is only a human need for beauty - to see, hear, and feel what is already offered by nature. The only enhancement that humans can add is art" - Harriet Bullitt